Aragawa's private dining room is not just a space for dining. It is a sanctuary of culinary excellence, luxury, and personalised service where every moment is crafted to perfection.

Aragawa's private dining room is a sanctuary of sophistication and luxury, able to accommodate up to 14 guests, and offering an intimate setting for hosting exclusive gatherings, celebrations, or simply indulging in a culinary journey of a lifetime.

Whether you are celebrating a milestone occasion, hosting a special event, or seeking a serene haven to savour exceptional cuisine, the private dining room at Aragawa promises to exceed your expectations. The journey begins long before you even arrive. Our dedicated events team will be your first point of contact in order to create a bespoke dining experience, tailored to suit your preferences and desires.

We carefully guide you through the selection of the menu, at which point our Head Sommelier will handpick wines to accompany your meal. Our private dining room's personalised service is a hallmark of experience. A dedicated team of professionals is at your disposal, attending to your every need and request with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The team ensures that you and your guests are pampered and catered to throughout your time with us. Stepping into the private dining room at Aragawa is like entering a realm of refined elegance and opulence. The space is meticulously curated to exude a sense of exclusivity and calm, setting the stage for a memorable and extraordinary dining experience.


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